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ASAPositive attempts to trigger the lost feeling of gratitude within people and encourage them to share with the people in their lives.

ASAPostive's affirmation letters and mindful, ethical gifts, are on a mission to create a better world. We do our part in supporting ethical brands & products, fair trade and ecological fashion brand, and we offer the choice for you to do so too.

Together we can create a better, healthier and more positive world to live in.

What is ASAPositive all about?

ASAPositive started of in 2014 as an online store, with the launch of the ASAPositive Affirmations. The objective was to shed light on the importance of words and  re-establish meaningful human relationships through the exchange of positive handwritten letters.

Since then, ASAPositive has grown and now offers a variety of mindful gifts and women's fashion wear and accessories that much our ethics and concept.


How it all started?

ASAPositive was developed by two sisters, Elena & Nina Hadjidemetriou, with an idea in mind that words do matter, and we should pay more attention to the way we communicate. The ASAPositive affirmations were developed so everybody could use words in a positive way, gifting the word that brings to light the attribute that makes a person special.  Words have a direct effect on a person’s mental and emotional health and affect our human-to-human connections as well. Try to read some and see how you will feel.

Elena now runs the ASAPositive boutique store, and Nina runs Prana Studio, where you can practice yoga & pilates.


Both are homed at Trinity Space, a family owned business, where everybody can find a place to be themselves,  feel beautiful and accepted for what each and everyone, truly is.


Word definitions turned to positive affirmations:


We grammatically modify definitions of positive words to be read in first person and in present tense. In this way the reader is positioned to be the narrator of the story in the letter he receives. The storyteller is always the reader and the story is always positive.

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