Positive Words can transform lives

We often feel stuck in a situation, and we feel 'out of course'  from our true path, or soul's calling.
In times like this do not despair. Take some time off, for your self. Stand in peace and silence. Silence your mind, refrain from any negative talk, take 10 deep breaths and listen to your inner voice.
If you find it hard to stop the negative talk, you can always turn to your positive affirmations. 
asapositive i am whole affirmation card
Repeat them at least 7 times, with small breaks in between of deep breathing. Reconnect with your inner child. Feel the energy of positive words and observe how your state of being changes. 
Each and every one of us has a unique personality and soul which is worth knowing in detail and depth.
Stay in your path, listen to your inner voice, and keep affirming your unique greatness. 
Words have energy, they shape our reality and state of being. Try consciously, to make your self talk positive.
Share your unique light, and stay positive :)


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