SKFK Summer Collection 2021

SKFK Summer Collection 2021

ASAPositive presents the new SKFK summer collection. 

The collection is inspired by the abstraction in a field full of flowers.

The SKFK brand, is a brand that I am truly honored  to have is in store as it greatly resonates with ASAPositive as a brand and the ASAPositive family, of conscious buyer.

"We have a clear message: dress how you are, how you feel, how you live. Strengthen your identity, express your essence and take care of your surroundings.




We support being an active part of the change we want to see and we encourage you to consume in a conscious and responsible way.

A brand that creates for women that wish to embrace a unique design, inspired by art and culture, with a timeless, comfortable and functional style."

Check out the summer collection and get ready to fall in love  😊




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