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53 Ayiou Andrea Avenue,
Pallouriotissa, Nicosia
Cyprus 1040
Email: feelfree@asapositive.com

ASAPositive attempts to trigger the lost feeling of gratitude within people and encourage them to share with the people in their lives.

ASAPostive's affirmation letters and mindful, ethical gifts, are on a mission to create a better world. We do our part in supporting ethical brands & products, fair trade and ecological fashion brand, and we offer the choice for you to do so too.

Together we can create a better, healthier and more positive world to live in.

Calling Designers

Creations that represent pure intentions, destined to reach the hands of their receivers.

At ASAPositive, we seek to mediate our philosophy into something that people can send as a meaningful something to someone. We always have in mind that the senders' intention is to inspire and encourage important people in their lives.

We are interested in developing collaborations with designers that share common ideals and mindset with us. Artists or creators who love their art, and they use it to express and communicate their ideas. Positive people, with the urge to communicate and create. Positive people on a mission to increase awareness.

By gathering together creative minds, distant from a system sustained by quantity against quality, we enhance freedom in productivity and creativity.

If you're inspired by our concept and you're a creative thinker with the urge to design for ASAPositive, feel free to drop your ideas and we'll be in touch.


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