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ASAPositive attempts to trigger the lost feeling of gratitude within people and encourage them to share with the people in their lives.

ASAPostive's affirmation letters and mindful, ethical gifts, are on a mission to create a better world. We do our part in supporting ethical brands & products, fair trade and ecological fashion brand, and we offer the choice for you to do so too.

Together we can create a better, healthier and more positive world to live in.


What's the ASAPositive project all about?

ASAPositive is all about inspiring people to reach out and connect with others in a more classical and intimate manner, by sending positive and meaningful messages through traditional postal services. This is done via choosing pre-defined word definitions, custom-written letters, together with the added option of a mindful gifts. At the same time, encouraging feedback from the receiver in order to maintain dialogue and keep the positive vive going. This is done either openly via online social media communities

(#ASAPositive) or privately by return mail. Of course you can read more in about us and throughout this website.

Are people using this to send letters?

Absolutely. And from all over the world. People are sending words and letters to each other all the time, as well as gifts. Feel free to join in and keep the positive vibe real!

How much does it cost to send letters and gifts?

Our prices depend on a number of things, namely how many items you choose (letters/gifts), as well as and the delivery location and method, i.e. express or not. You will see the price of each item in the post office and giftstore sections. Overall we are super cheap. The postal service we use is also very cheap, and one of the lowest of any country worldwide.

Do you send letters internationally?

Yeap! Our mission is to positively connect the entire world.

How long does it take for my letter/gift to arrive?

Really depends on where it's going. In the EU/Europe and Middle East region letters/gifts arrive very quickly and within the week. Other places take slightly longer. But remember, all good things come with time and patience and the wait makes it all worthwhile!

Is there a word limit to letters?

No. If you type it, we'll send the letter. However, please keep in mind that sometimes something short and sweet is most effective. But sure, go ahead and express yourself!

What if I want to send multiple letters?

Each order in our online store, letter of gift, must go to the one recipient. If you would like to send multiple letters/gifts to separate locations, please contact our team for a customised quotation. A great idea for corporate/business and of course holiday seasons.

Is there a limitation to what content I add to my letter?

Privacy and confidentiality is of utmost importance to us. But we must also prevent people from abusing this service. If any content is deemed to be inappropriate, illegal, malicious or dangerous in any way, we reserve the right to reject the order, less service fee. Goes without saying that we only condone positive type, and real content.

How do I make contact as a supplier/manufacturer of gift items that might be suitable to add in your giftstore?

At ASAPositive we're always on the lookout and welcome new ideas of gifts that might be suitable for our giftstore and indeed related to our positive letter sending concept. Please read more about how to send us information about your company's products in Gift Manufacturers.

Do you offer gift vouchers?

Unfortunately at the moment we do not offer gift vouchers, as our concept is more about one person sending a positive letter and/or gift directly to another, as such does not/should not require such a gift voucher service. This is likely to change in the near future as we introduce new ideas and features to the project.

How do I contact ASAPositive?

We would love to hear from you. You can contact by email at feelfree 'at' asapositive.com

Of course also connect with us via our key social media channels, as seen below in the website's footer.

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