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ASAPositive attempts to trigger the lost feeling of gratitude within people and encourage them to share with the people in their lives.

ASAPostive's affirmation letters and mindful, ethical gifts, are on a mission to create a better world. We do our part in supporting ethical brands & products, fair trade and ecological fashion brand, and we offer the choice for you to do so too.

Together we can create a better, healthier and more positive world to live in.

It's your birthright to be happy.

Genuinely happy on the inside. To do what fulfills your heart and pleases your soul.


Happiness is perceived to be a luxury nowdays. Yet happiness is innate, we were born with it.

What are you doing to make yourself trully happy?


Love yourself enough to allow only positive thoughts to fill your mind and positive words to come out of your mouth. You will see, feel and experience the transformation in your core, in your soul and in your life.


With this pack you are given the opportunity to consciously make a shift towards a new way of life, filled with constructive positive thoughts.


You get to choose the affirmations that you feel more appropriate for you.

You also get to choose the wooden bracelet charm that you love, to keep you reminded and focus on your vision.

The package comes with a BONUS session with career & personal Coach and an additional surprise gift.


ASAPositive is alsways by your side to help you choose your affirmation letters and anything else you might need. You can reach us at feelfree@asapositive.com or through Instagram & Facebook.


"I am" affirmations are positive thoughts written to be read in the first person, and are very effective in transforming and purifying the mind, as to attract the endless possibilities of positive thinking into your life. 


Explore the power of positive thinking and positive word affirmations.

Life can be beautiful as soon as you think positive.

Happiness - Healing with positive affirmations

Handcrfted Wooden Bracelet Charm
Affirmation Letter #1
Affirmation Letter #2
Affirmation Letter #3
Affirmation Letter #4
  • In this link here I can  write my letter, a positive message, to be delivered along with my affirmation letter,

    Whatever I type here will be handwritten at the back side on my affirmation letter, by ASAPositive.

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